Finally! The first home
compostable, certified
plastic free disposable cup!

A problem of global proportions...

All today’s disposable cups contain plastic. Even those cardboard cups have an inner layer of thin plastic to prevent leaking. Disposable cups with a layer of bioplastic film have been on the market for a while now, but these also need to be recycled in special incinerators; something that seldom ever happens in practice. So, we are still throwing away millions of these cups every single day.

16 billion coffee cups a year
Every year, an estimated 16 billion single-use paper coffee cups are used globally. All disposable cups currently on the market contain a thin plastic inner lining to prevent leaking. Because it is attached to paper, this plastic lining makes disposable cups extremely difficult to recycle.

The first home compostable, certified plastic free disposable cup!

We took up the challenge to launch the development of an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cups that works just as well as cups made with plastic. This challenge meant creating a disposable cup that can handle both hot and cold beverages, that you can print on, and that doesn’t cost much more to produce. And it succeeded.

The new Jungle Cup® replaces the plastic inner lining with a thin water-based membrane material helping the cup achieve the ‘Flustix’ certified plastic-free certification. It is also the only disposable cup in the world made from materials certified as ‘OK compost HOME,’ meaning it is biodegradable in a natural setting, such as a home compost heap. The Jungle Cup® helps combat the evils of ocean plastic.

12 weeks versus 1,500 years
After use, people can simply dispose of the Jungle Cup® in any compost bin and it starts to biodegrade in about 12 weeks. Bioplastic is believed to take approximately 1,500 years to biodegrade. And the polyethylene plastic liners of traditional disposable cups never disappears.

About our lid…
Our lid is a true revolution! It is made of the same board material as the Jungle Cup® and ensures we keep all the same environmental credentials without affecting the flavour of your drink, whilst mainting a great user experience with our unique lid opening.

Each Jungle Cup® protects 1m2 of rainforest

That’s why they are called the Jungle Cup®. For each cup, the Rainforest Trust receives a percentage of the proceeds to fund the protection of the world’s rainforests. To be precise, this amounts to 1m2 of rainforest being protected per cup sold. The task of protecting the rainforests and other threatened habitats is in the hands of the Rainforest Trust, an international organisation that does this work across the worldIn the last few months of 2020 alone, our contributions have helped the Rainforest Trust save more than 3 million m2 of rainforest. Our aim for 2021 is more than 100 million m2

Jungle Cups® are home compostable

That’s right: home compostable and we’re proud of that.

Let’s talk about 
‘Compostable’ versus ‘Home compostable’. While many varieties of single-use cups on the market today are certified as industrially compostable, they are only biodegradable in unnatural conditions, including constant and very high temperatures. In practice, very few disposable cups ever make it to industrial processing plants.

In our case, home compostable means you can put our cups in your compost recycling bin without having to worry. Jungle Cups®
don’t require any kind of industrial recycling process.


The inside of a non-
compostable ‘bio cup’

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Our Jungle Cup® Family

Our Jungle Boxes

Not just cups, but a complete range of Jungle Boxes is now available. The unique Jungle Cup® bord material can be used for different shapes and sizes. For hot and cold dishes! Are you interested and want to know more? Reach out and contact us.

The Jungle Cup® certificates

The Rainforest Trust

And the story gets better. By switching to home compostable Jungle Cups® you will also be supporting the Rainforest Trust. This organisation buys up and protects our most threatened tropical forests and saves wild animals at risk of extinction by establishing partnerships with local communities and getting them involved. These highly effective partnerships mean the Rainforest Trust can achieve the kind of sustainable outcomes that are essential to the long-term protection of tropical eco-systems and the wild animals who live in them. Visit to find out exactly how they do that and where they are doing it.

0 m2

The amount of m2 of saved rainforest with our contributions to the Rainforest Trust.

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Beth Bush
Director of Philanthropy

Rainforest Trust saves an acre of rainforest every 16 seconds

What do the Jungle Cups® cost?

Our Jungle Cups® come in 4, 8, 12 and 16oz sizes with prices starting from as little as 3.5 cents (USD).
So for more pricing information and further details about our product specification and customisation options,
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