Good cup

Safe. No plastic liner. 100% Home compostable.

Bad cup

Not safe. Plastic liner. 25.000 Microplastics.

Our mission

Choose good cups

Jungle Cup® is the good cup. Firstly, it is validated as microplastic free and features 95% less plastic than a traditional disposable coffee cup. That means you can enjoy your hot drink, safe in the knowledge that no harmful microplastic particles will be consumed. Secondly, it’s fully home compostable and will disappear in less than six months. Jungle Cups® have been certified to break down entirely into non-toxic components that will not harm the environment. Sounds great, right? We understand that you’re worried about the cost of plastic free alternatives, but get this: Jungle Cup® rivals the cost of most disposable paper and plastic cups. What’s not to like? 


Quit bad cups 

Disposable cups made with ‘bioplastics’ release harmful micron-sized microplastic particles into your hot beverage, take over 1,500 years to break down and require specific industrial processes to be recycled. Most traditional (non-bio) disposable cups will never decompose at all. If you think about it, that’s pretty bad. Why would anybody still use a plastic-lined, non-compostable cup? They’re harmful to your health, take thousands of years to decompose and cause irreparable damage to wildlife and the environment. 


Jungle Cup is different

Our nano layer, combined with FSC® certified paper, is truly unique with the incredible benefit of naturally decomposing in less than six months. Jungle Cups are proven to contain less than 0.48% plastic. In comparison, a standard paper and plastic cup contains over 5% plastic. When we think about the 600 billion paper and plastic cups used worldwide, the potential plastic savings are staggering.


A problem of global proportions...

The Jungle Cup® has no plastic liner. Our nano layer, combined with FSC® certified paper, is truly unique with the incredible benefit of naturally decomposing in less than six months.

The plastic inner lining of a ‘bio-based’ bad cup.


Jungle Cup® is
home compostable

Jungle Cup® uses a nano layer, combined with FSC® certified paper. This material is truly unique, with the incredible benefit of being home compostable, meaning it will biodegradable in a natural setting in under six months. The Jungle Cup is also certified as recyclable (PAP-22 - plain paper), which means it can be processed just like any other paper in municipal recycling, without disrupting the process. Using an industry leading approach, the Jungle Cup contains the least amount of polymer on the market, enabling the cup to maintain its structure, as well as its plastic free and home compostable certifications.


Jungle Cup family

Jungle Cup® comes in various sizes with prices starting from as little as $0.02, rivalling the price of most traditional cups! Don’t hesitate to contact us for pricing information and further details about product specifications and customization options.


The Rainforest Trust®

Every Jungle Cup
saves 1m² of rainforest

Rainforest Trust® is a nonprofit environmental organization that has been saving endangered wildlife and protecting our planet since 1988. They create rainforest reserves by purchasing and protecting tropical lands to strategically conserve endangered species.

Rainforest Trust® receives a contribution from every sold cup to fund the protection of the world's rainforests. This amounts to 1m² of rainforest being protected per cup sold.

Visit to find out exactly what they do and where they're active.


Jungle Cup facts

  • Certified Plastic-free
  • Tranfers no microplastics
  • Composts naturally in 6 months
  • Recyclable as paper
  • Price comparable
  • Each cup saves 1m2 of rainforest


Are you ready to make the switch?

Together we can put a stop to one of the world’s biggest plastic pollutants. There’s no reason to wait but a million reasons to act.

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