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360 ml | 12 oz

  • Certified plastic-free cup.
  • Packed per 1.000 pieces.
  • This custom design latte size cup is available from 100.000 pieces.
  • Volume price range available on request.

360 ml | 12 oz

The new Jungle Cup® replaces the plastic inner lining with a thin water-based membrane material helping the cup achieve the ‘Flustix’ certified plastic-free certification. It is also the only disposable cup in the world made from materials certified as ‘Home Compostable’, meaning it is biodegradable in a natural setting, such as a home compost heap. The Jungle Cup® helps combat the evils of ocean plastic.

The best thing? Every cup saves 1m² of tropical rainforest.


Plastic-free cup

Packed per: 1000

Size: 360 mL

Material: 315 g paper

Carton dimensions

46 x 37 x 46,5 cm

Product dimensions

Height: 113 mm

Top diameter: 90 mm

Bottom diameter: 60 mm

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